What Conscious Leaders should know, now

Good People,

After exhaustingly scanning the web about Corona updates here is my selection of the best sense making articles and videos for leaders to calm down, to prepare for the worst and start to co create a better business and society afterwards:

Matthias Horx: Easy to read, but deeply informed and as always a nice narrative

Jamie Wheal:  Surviving and thriving during Vuca Conditions.  Being one the leading voices of flow science and an experienced mountaineer,  he provides from minute 8 a proper sensemaking tool and some preparation exercises

Peter Diamandis: On the exponential impact of the virus https://www.diamandis.com/blog/coronavirus-exponential-implications

Jordan Hall: Providing a deep situation assessment https://link.medium.com/DeKW9ZrjX4

Thomas Poeo: Why we must act now:

Otto Scharmer: I recommended already this co-creational outlook https://link.medium.com/9x1g366jX4

Myself: Become your own sensemaker and self author: Breath deeply, collect more different data from this sources, discuss this with friends and derive actions from it. And drink a glass of wine. #growthpositive #consciousleadership

Take care and stay safe

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